Outreach Programs

Our San Diego youth development programs and in-classroom sessions for at-risk and underserved youth.

Core Programs

Our innovative and adaptable K-12 curriculum teaches students photography and digital media skills, media literacy, and critical thinking.

  • Cameras in the Classroom: Our cumulative yearlong program includes teaching youth digital photography and video skills; increasing creative engagement in the classroom; encouraging youth to explore the topics of identity, family, community and the environment; and, promoting media literacy to help youth critically evaluate messages conveyed by the media.
  • Picture it Healthy: A photovoice project that asks students to identify access and barriers to living a healthy lifestyle within their community. Students are trained in photojournalism skills and create advocacy projects that are shared with those who can help create change.
  • Water in Focus: A digital media project that calls students to action as they examine environmental issues centered on the theme of water. Students document the use, waste, conservation and pollution of our most precious resource through words and images.
  • Picture This: Short-term workshops that focus on one topic as they expose students to the OTL programming and digital media.
  • Photo and Video Bootcamps: One day workshops for teens or adults that provide a crash course in advanced photo or video techniques. All proceeds benefit at-risk youth classes.
  • Cameras Crossing Cultures: Our international link combines OTL ambassadors throughout the world with OTL curriculum and materials to run our programs at their site.


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